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Examples of Eugenics with Deaf

Posted by Philippa on 9 December, 2007

here is brief vlog on how and what is Eugenics got to do with Deaf? including some examples. Written text coming soon if you don’t understand the vlog.

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Examples of Eugenics with Deaf 

What is Eugenics got to do with Deaf? I am sure that many of you are wondering; understand the word but not fully so therefore by not understanding the meaning fully will lead to even more confusion linking to Deaf.


Firstly the history, where Eugenics has occurred in the “hearing world” that want to eradicate disabilities including deafness. But in situation where deaf people want to do the same towards other Deaf people, how is this possible?


The first example, in history the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) in USA, had written articles stating that Deaf people of USA should not be encouraged to marry other Deaf for this to decrease the conceiving of Deaf offspring. The NAD, an association of the Deaf itself want to decrease the number of Deaf people.


Another example, a famous man named Alexander Graham Bell; he was well known across the world for his inventory of telephone. He also has Deaf mother and Deaf wife. He was known in the Deaf World for his work within the Deaf community, in school and work sectors. But is it true that his dedication to the Deaf Community a positive aspect?


A person from USA, Dirksen Bauman who a professor at Gallaudet University in USA. Dirksen visited Castberggaard, Denmark recently to give a presentation on Audism; however this is not the case for today, moving aside, and this topic I hope to vlog about another time.

When Dirksen talked about AGB, at first I thought what great person he was as from reading up about him when I was younger.


Dirksen revealed that AGB was not entirely the same to what I imagined and read about as AGB has different story in his background. He was a great advocator to decrease the number of Deaf people, but the fact that he has Deaf mother and wife still has not hindered his opinion.


As he was greatly involved in the Deaf school, and observed that many of Deaf pupils attended to the school and getting married to each other after leaving the school. He realised that in this way the number of deaf offspring will large due to this conceiving between two Deaf parents. The choices to stop this are not preferred by the killing method as it was extremely negative approach so another choice was a more positive approach however it is not positive for us, his approach was to close down the Deaf school in order to force Deaf pupils to be relocated into hearing schools (mainstreams). The purpose for this to eliminate to possibilities of these Deaf pupils to meet their Deaf peers, becoming isolated and unaware of other Deaf peers. In this way these Deaf pupils will probably never have the chance to meet their peers and eventually getting married to other hearing people and bearing “hearing children”.


The act of separating these Deaf children from their Deaf peers into mainstream educations is also called Social Sterilisation; the Sterilisation act does not mean actual sterilising preventing them from ability to conceive but by eliminating ties between the Deaf pupils and their social opportunities forcing these pupils into isolation. Another meaning Dispersal of Power where power/community strength of the Deaf are weaken.


6 Responses to “Examples of Eugenics with Deaf”

  1. jen said


  2. Keep them coming!

  3. Fintan said

    I look forward to the written text 🙂

  4. Colin Allen said

    Great job! I am looking forward to read more of your vlogs!



  5. Genevieve Deguire said

    Where did you get information about social sterilisation?


  6. The style of writing is quite familiar . Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

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