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Posted by Philippa on 30 November, 2007

If you refered to this blog from Deaf-UK, please go to

as all your questions will be answered,

or if you want to know more about the huge situation happening in UK now, with the genetic embryo, please go to this website

Could you please give us a few minutes of your time NOW to stop the demise of
the Deaf community!? Simple Instructions: If you have a webcam – can
you make a recording of you signing “Stop” and email it to him at

He is collating all signs to make a simple video
of as many people showing their opposition at this Bill and to stream
this onto the Internet. Can you wear black tops, stand as near as to
a white background as you can and sign stop and then email your
recording to him. Alternatively you can use your mobile phone to
sign Stop

Joseph Gwynne
Jones, from Lurgan, outside Belfast is urging all Deaf people, their families and friends to show their defiance of this bill.

Why is all of this happening?????


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  1. See this main website-
    More contacts/links and informations

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